Meet the Chef/DJ


Pull up a chair and sit at my table!  I'm preparing delicious food while we chat and listen to some great music.  

A few years ago I dealt with the "empty nest syndrome" by flying the coop as well!  I enrolled in Culinary School at Walla Walla Community College and, two years later, emerged as a Certified Culinarian!  

What to do with my new knowledge and skills?

Although I had, at one time, thought I'd like to own a bakery, I was starting to get more nudges to pursuit a dream that would combine all of my loves - writing, cooking, and music.  A food blog seemed so unattainable at the onset of my culinary training.  However, by the time I was finished with my degree, it started to appear to be the perfect and daring adventure for which I was looking!  After months of research and reading I decided to just jump on in and see how it went.  I had no idea how fulfilling and rewarding it would be.

I love preparing each post for you - and I hope you enjoy them in return!